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Wireless Adapters for Gaming Rigs

Gamers know the value of performance and speed. Setting up your rig isn’t just about looking the part, it’s about maximising the experience and performing at your best. Of course the hardware you use plays a massive part in this and can be just as important as the games you pick.

Of course having all the different parts working efficiently together let’s your PC run quickly. The right motherboard, RAM and even screen will make a big difference to have it all works. However for all the best games you need a solid internet connection.

For most of us It’s not possible to have our PC connected directly to our router. Of course we can connect wirelessly but there can be a dip in quality If this connection isn’t as efficient as possible. This is where wireless adapters come in.

wireless adapters for gaming

What is a wireless adapter?

Wireless adapters are devices that can be fitted internally or externally to your PC. They allow you to connect to the internet and are most commonly fitted directly to your motherboard or through a USB device.

Wireless adapters have become less useful in recent times because devices often have wireless connections built in. However If you don’t have this option, or if the technology isn’t up to scratch then a wireless adapter allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly.

What makes a good wireless adapter?

There are a few different factors to consider when you’re shopping for a wireless adapter. There are 2 main types; USB and PCI-E both with different features.

USB wireless adapters fit directly into your USB port but they are limited by the size of your port. A USB 3 port would be the best to consider for your wireless adapter. Using other USB devices can also impact how well your USB port is working. So if you’re using any other USB hardware you might want to consider another option.

PCI-E instead connects directly to the motherboard. This isn’t an option for all set ups but If it is it is much more highly recommended because It can give much faster speeds. The downside is that it’s a bit more tricky to fit and not as simple as a USB adapter.

When selecting your wireless adapter you should consider the different bandwidths of wifi available. There are several different wifi bands which are used an each one has a device which works better for it. Generally you’ll find that PCI-E adapters are the way to go and will work across several bandwidths.

Wireless adapters for gamers

Wireless adapters are essential for gamers who can’t plug in directly to the router. Wireless adapters allow you to increase your speed and It’s absolutely essential to get the most speed when you play.

We all know any lag or delay isn’t just frustrating, It’s absolutely infuriating. It’s the difference between winning the round and timing out so you just can’t keep going like that. With advanced games that have high quality graphics you need the best connection to avoid those errors.

So If you’re a gamer and you’re looking to get the best from your experience then It’s time to look at the best wireless adapters for gamers. This includes a hub of information about setting up your gaming rig and more information about the best wireless adapters to buy, including the hottest products.

What Does Website Hosting Look Like As We Exit 2017?

For those of us without a background in I.T we might ask ourselves what is the importance of website hosting? For those of us with no real background knowledge we might need clarification on what exactly website hosting even is!

hosting websites on robust serversWebsite hosting is a way to get your website online so that people can access it. The information is stored on a specialized web server which has technology on it to allow it to serve up the page to whoever looks for it. This connects it to the world wide web so others can find it.

Website hosting is basically how you get your page live and how you can actually connect it to something. Without it you’ve got a fancy, well designed, and potentially expensive webpage which effectively does nothing. The truth is that hosting is essential.

With every demand comes a big supply and website hosting is now big business. The web business grows every year massively as we become more reliant on the internet to conduct our daily lives and survive. Companies are now offering this hosting services so you can rent out server space and get your website online.

Most hosting companies work by initially renting you out the server space. Then they allow you to renew and keep the space for longer. The price you pay really depends on what you need and specialist hosting companies will be able to accommodate certain features of your website if that’s what’s needed.

Types of Hosting

There are a number of services offered by hosting companies which let you customize the service you get. Every business has it’s own needs and your website will have it’s own needs too depending on its function and content. The main 3 different options are:

  • Shared Hosting

This is the entry level for server rental and is the cheapest option. Your website is loaded onto a server along with many others and you all use the resources of the server. This means that if one website starts to take up more of the server power then your website’s performance could significantly dip.

Shared hosting is generally used for websites that aren’t processing any transactions so it doesn’t matter too much if the performance can periodically dip. It’s the cheapest option and the most common.

  • VPS

The next step up is a virtual private server. These work in a very similar way with many different websites sharing server space. However instead of all working from the server and drawing what they need, they’re all instead given an allotted amount of disk space and resources. This means that your performance shouldn’t dip no matter how many different websites are on there.

It’s not ideal for any sensitive information as the server isn’t secure for you but it’s still a cost effective and reliable option.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Finally dedicated hosting is the most expensive option for hosting. This is where an entire server is used just for you and you have freedom to take up all the disk space. This allows you full control of the server and you can use all of the resources.

This is the most secure type of hosting and is used for any companies that handle sensitive information plus some very large websites. It’s also the most expensive and is too much for smaller businesses.

There are a lot of different server options and hosting companies to choose from and in this saturated market it can be difficult to find where to start. We’ve recently discovered one of the best hosting companies in 2017 which is definitely a good place to start.



WPEngine is the dedicated hosting company that is growing in popularity fast. It’s been identified as one of the best hosts in terms of reliability, quality and customer service with a range of features to make them more user friendly than the competition.

WPEngine is also providing a cost effective way to get your website online with a number of different hosting options. It’s suitable for large or small businesses or anyone that just wants to get their website online as easily as possible.

There are a lot of different hosting options and hosting companies to choose from but we’ve identified one of the most effective for 2017 in WPEngine.

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Best Tech Discounts 2017

Currys homepage - discounts

There is nothing like technology. We use it in the work we do, the way we travel, how we interact with our family and even how we relax at the end of the day. Our lives have been so altered by technology that we could never go back, in fact in a lot of ways it’s spoiled us.

Most of us think of PCs, TVs and gadgets when we talk about technology but it goes way beyond these items. Most of our household appliances, especially in the kitchen, come under this technology bracket and this includes ovens & cookers.

Technology is now a part of everything we do and the manufacturers are really skilled in creating and improving products so they’re more useful year on year. However by using more skilled labour and more expensive elements in their products the price has been transferred onto the customer. This means that a lot of our technology is pretty expensive and can mean a really big drop when you choose to buy.

Technology is very expensive but we all know we can’t really live without it. So if you want to make the most of your tech budget and really get kitted out it’s time to explore the world of discount vouchers.

Tech Discount Codes

Technology does have a pretty hefty price tags but instead of having to settle without, there are a number of ways to get your hands on the latest gear. Of course one way to spend less is to look for lower specs or maybe get cheaper brands. This is cheaper but often means you’re not getting the thing you actually want.

Of course we can always keep an eye out for sales, but often these are few and far between and we won’t always be in a position to make the most of it. Instead we should keep an eye out for discount codes and vouchers.

Discount vouchers are a great way to make some big savings on technology. They work by revealing a unique deal and offering a code which can be applied when you make a purchase.

Voucher codes are generally just straight up proportional discounts but you’ll also find unique bargains on a range of goods. There are some 2 for 1 codes or even freebies upon purchase. These discount codes do only last a certain amount of time and are often seasonal, this means it can be tricky to find live codes sometimes.

Discount vouchers offer some good savings on technology so if you’re thinking of making a big purchase it’s best to search around for the best value.

Currys Discount Codes

Currys have now partnered with PC World and this means they have an incredibly vast and dynamic product range to suit practically every need. They have countless technology items and you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for.
They also offer some great bargains as Currys have a lot of discount codes on their products. We’ve done the work and found all the latest discount codes which offer the best values.

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Best Xbox One Gaming Chairs Online

Best Xbox One Gaming Chairs Online

Whether you’re a PC gamer, love Nintendo, enjoy PS4 or play Xbox One you want to have the best time when gaming. This all starts with comfort. Gaming chairs have been specially designed to give you support for your back, this prevents any back pain that can come from prolonged sitting.

Gaming chairs are also a representation of your own style. Made to look great and function well gaming chairs are an important part of your gaming setup.

Gaming chairs let you play for longer and give you cushioned comfort as you play. For anyone serious about playing and serious about their long term health they’re absolutely essential.

Best Xbox One Gaming Chairs

X Video Rocker Pro Series Gaming chairIncreasingly when we talk about gaming, we’re talking about playing Xbox One. It’s now the most popular console in the world with millions of people playing around the world every single day. More people are seeing the benefits of gaming chairs and now there are a number of specialised gaming chairs which are perfect for Xbox One.

The best Xbox One Gaming chairs have been built to be comfortable and give support while you play. Our top picks have cushioned padding in the frame which makes the chair comfortable to sit in while playing on not.

When searching for the best Xbox One Gaming Chairs we looked for chairs with built in sound systems. This was essential in our mind for maximum enjoyment of the games on offer and to let you completely lose yourself in the rich worlds they have created. We found some impressive audio packages which were compatible with a number of devices.

Our Xbox One Gaming Chair also had to be stylish. The Xbox One is all about style and elegance and that’s what we looked for in our gaming chairs. A distinctive style with useful features is exactly what we needed.

Finally we had to analyse the prices for the Xbox One Gaming Chairs. We wanted to find a balance of price and features so that there was a good value product available.

The Best Xbox One Gaming Chair

Using all these criteria listed above we scoured the internet in search of the perfect Xbox One Gaming Chair. Our top pick was the X Rocker 5143601. This gaming chair was created to play Xbox games in and was built to be incredibly comfortable.

The X Rocker 5143601 (as the name suggests) is able to rock so you can move about while playing. It has built in sound system of two speakers with a subwoofer for extra bass. There’s also the option to use headphones with a headphone jack, perfect if you’re playing late and don’t want to keep your family up.

Overall the X Rocker 5143601 offered great comfort and top audio at a reasonable price. Check out all the Xbox One gaming chair reviews

What Do Prestige Emblems Look Like?

What Do Prestige Emblems Look Like?

COD have made themselves the first person shooter king with a massive range of games covering all eras and offering different game play. The COD games are available for PC and all the major consoles, meaning they have a big community of players.

Call of Duty games are made by Treyarch and published by Activision, the duo responsible for most of the hit games in the last decade and a half. Each COD game has it’s own unique twists but Black Ops 3 has always been their most off the wall series.

Black Ops has never been afraid to experiment. With futuristic stories taking place in alternative timelines they make themselves free to create diverse and interesting characters. They also aren’t afraid to throw in advanced weaponry and gear which can’t be seen in other first person shooters.

Another unique feature of the Black Ops games is the zombie mode. This is the side game where you fight for your life against the undead hordes and can be played on your own or in a team. Despite just being a side game they’ve created a good storyline for the zombie mode and if you haven’t tried it you really must.

Black Ops 3 is made to be fun for solo play and has a great multiplayer game. What makes Black Ops 3 particularly good is the extra features they’ve crammed in, giving the game hidden depths. One of these features is the emblems.

Black Ops 3 Emblems

Black Ops 3 Prestige ranksBlack Ops 3 has an emblem feature. This is a symbol which appears next to your name in game and can be used to easily identify you. Until you reach a certain level you’re given a default emblem which relates to your rank. However once you reach level 10 you have the option to customise your emblem.

There are some premade emblems that you can purchase using in game currency. These are often pretty cool but unfortunately that’s what everyone uses so you won’t really stand out. Black Ops 3 also has an in game emblem editor to create your very own emblem.

This editor works like paint but in game and can be difficult to use. If you’re creative then it’s the perfect place to go and if you aren’t there are a number of tutorials you can follow to bring your idea to life.

Black Ops 3 Prestige Emblems

For those who are serious about games we want the world to know how good we are. Leveling up is great but the best way show everyone where you’re at is to use the prestige emblems.

Prestige emblems are earned as you move up through the ranks. There are 11 different prestige emblems you can earn, ranging from 1 to 10. Each level becomes harder to attain and the badge looks more impressive as you go.

True mastery of Black Ops 3 comes once you reach the 11th level, Master Prestige. This is the ultimate gaming achievement and the badge looks incredible. Having it next to your name really draws the attention of other players.

If you want to move up the ranks fast and earn prestige check out our full guide on how to earn all the Black Ops 3 prestige emblems.

Why Does My Back Hurt? Need a Better Gaming Chair

Why Does My Back Hurt? Need a Better Gaming Chair

Gamers more than any other group know the value of a good chair. A crucial part of the gaming set up is the right gaming chair but it’s still a factor overlooked by some. While we spend hours researching all the best equipment and accessories for our PC we don’t always take as much time to consider the chair we’ll use to play in.

The right gaming chair is important for a number of reasons, but the most important is of course our health. Back pain and back issues are no laughing matter. A mild twinge can leave us unable to stand for days and when we damage the muscle it can take a long time to heal. More importantly how we treat our backs now will determine how our bodies hold up in old age. There are a lot of reason to look after our backs.

As gamers we spend hours sat down playing. Games are bigger than ever before and some are impossible to ever finish. They’re also more immersive and we can find ourselves lost in the virtual world for days. All of this means we’re using a gaming chair for a long time and we have to find the right one.

If you take the time to look at what’s on offer you’ll find a chair that provides support and helps you take your gaming to the next level.

Finding The Right Gaming Chair

Noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather Black White & Red Gaming ChairThe first thing you want to look for in a gaming chair is the support it provides. Look for an ergonomic gaming chair. These are designed to fit the contours of your back and perfectly support your legs, butt and lower back. By removing the strain on those areas you’ll find that any problems you’re having will start to disappear.

Obviously the right gaming chair also needs to be comfortable because of the amount of time you’ll spend in it. Cushioning on the arms and head is important as this extra padding is what makes all the difference. Ask anyone who’s got a great gaming chair, it’s better than most beds!

Another important factor when selecting your gaming chair is style. This obviously comes down to personal preference but there are lot of stylish units out there with unique colour schemes. Popular gaming chairs are normally mostly black with highlights or red, green or blue.

The range of motion in a gaming chair is also a feature to look out for. A reclining mechanism or a swivel mechanism can make your chair a lot more useful and allow you increased comfort. Generally reclining gaming chairs are bigger so be aware of what space you have available.

Finally and perhaps most importantly you’ll need to consider the price. You should set a budget beforehand and try and stick to it because there is a lot on offer in any price range. You really don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great gaming chair and it’s always worth shopping around for bargains.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to back problems and take your gaming to the next level, check out our full list of the best PC gaming chairs for 2017.

New Game Alert: Revolt of Gamers Has Been Released

New Game Alert: Revolt of Gamers Has Been Released

fantastic artwork in hoverSo, this is pretty exciting. Three young developers have put together a game that they think can have a big impact in the PC rounds. They’ve created it as well as developed it within a very short period of time. The game is called “Hover: Revolt of Gamers” and it set in an open world in the distant future. It relies on the 3-D experience.

You might remember the world created by Jet Set Radio, and it reminds one of that with the functionality of the very popular Mirrors Edge all bundled up with a super space/Star Wars vibe that you can’t get enough of. The game puts you in charge of a group of gamers rebelling against laws that have been enacted against video games. Their take, obviously, is that those laws are cramping the style of the citizens.

There is a citizen who is detained by urban authorities, and you’ll have to locate and free this person before going straight at the control centers themselves. Those centers are responsible for the propaganda that slams video games, and they have an active campaign to confiscate gaming consoles from others. If you do this properly, you’ll liberate those consoles in addition to the dissident. You might even be able to overthrow the mayor who brought all of this on.

What’s really cool is that you can hop on with your friend at any time and moves through all of the adventure that I described above. You can play in a cooperative mode, or you can face off against others depending upon your preference. You can even race through the process!

The multiplayer is fabulous, and the world is big and pretty and inviting. You’ll find hours and hours of strategy ahead of you, not to mention the satisfaction of rescuing video gaming from those old fuddy-duddies who want to see that light extinguished.