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Whether you’re a PC gamer, love Nintendo, enjoy PS4 or play Xbox One you want to have the best time when gaming. This all starts with comfort. Gaming chairs have been specially designed to give you support for your back, this prevents any back pain that can come from prolonged sitting.

Gaming chairs are also a representation of your own style. Made to look great and function well gaming chairs are an important part of your gaming setup.

Gaming chairs let you play for longer and give you cushioned comfort as you play. For anyone serious about playing and serious about their long term health they’re absolutely essential.

Best Xbox One Gaming Chairs

X Video Rocker Pro Series Gaming chairIncreasingly when we talk about gaming, we’re talking about playing Xbox One. It’s now the most popular console in the world with millions of people playing around the world every single day. More people are seeing the benefits of gaming chairs and now there are a number of specialised gaming chairs which are perfect for Xbox One.

The best Xbox One Gaming chairs have been built to be comfortable and give support while you play. Our top picks have cushioned padding in the frame which makes the chair comfortable to sit in while playing on not.

When searching for the best Xbox One Gaming Chairs we looked for chairs with built in sound systems. This was essential in our mind for maximum enjoyment of the games on offer and to let you completely lose yourself in the rich worlds they have created. We found some impressive audio packages which were compatible with a number of devices.

Our Xbox One Gaming Chair also had to be stylish. The Xbox One is all about style and elegance and that’s what we looked for in our gaming chairs. A distinctive style with useful features is exactly what we needed.

Finally we had to analyse the prices for the Xbox One Gaming Chairs. We wanted to find a balance of price and features so that there was a good value product available.

The Best Xbox One Gaming Chair

Using all these criteria listed above we scoured the internet in search of the perfect Xbox One Gaming Chair. Our top pick was the X Rocker 5143601. This gaming chair was created to play Xbox games in and was built to be incredibly comfortable.

The X Rocker 5143601 (as the name suggests) is able to rock so you can move about while playing. It has built in sound system of two speakers with a subwoofer for extra bass. There’s also the option to use headphones with a headphone jack, perfect if you’re playing late and don’t want to keep your family up.

Overall the X Rocker 5143601 offered great comfort and top audio at a reasonable price. Check out all the Xbox One gaming chair reviews