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fantastic artwork in hoverSo, this is pretty exciting. Three young developers have put together a game that they think can have a big impact in the PC rounds. They’ve created it as well as developed it within a very short period of time. The game is called “Hover: Revolt of Gamers” and it set in an open world in the distant future. It relies on the 3-D experience.

You might remember the world created by Jet Set Radio, and it reminds one of that with the functionality of the very popular Mirrors Edge all bundled up with a super space/Star Wars vibe that you can’t get enough of. The game puts you in charge of a group of gamers rebelling against laws that have been enacted against video games. Their take, obviously, is that those laws are cramping the style of the citizens.

There is a citizen who is detained by urban authorities, and you’ll have to locate and free this person before going straight at the control centers themselves. Those centers are responsible for the propaganda that slams video games, and they have an active campaign to confiscate gaming consoles from others. If you do this properly, you’ll liberate those consoles in addition to the dissident. You might even be able to overthrow the mayor who brought all of this on.

What’s really cool is that you can hop on with your friend at any time and moves through all of the adventure that I described above. You can play in a cooperative mode, or you can face off against others depending upon your preference. You can even race through the process!

The multiplayer is fabulous, and the world is big and pretty and inviting. You’ll find hours and hours of strategy ahead of you, not to mention the satisfaction of rescuing video gaming from those old fuddy-duddies who want to see that light extinguished.