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For those of us without a background in I.T we might ask ourselves what is the importance of website hosting? For those of us with no real background knowledge we might need clarification on what exactly website hosting even is!

hosting websites on robust serversWebsite hosting is a way to get your website online so that people can access it. The information is stored on a specialized web server which has technology on it to allow it to serve up the page to whoever looks for it. This connects it to the world wide web so others can find it.

Website hosting is basically how you get your page live and how you can actually connect it to something. Without it you’ve got a fancy, well designed, and potentially expensive webpage which effectively does nothing. The truth is that hosting is essential.

With every demand comes a big supply and website hosting is now big business. The web business grows every year massively as we become more reliant on the internet to conduct our daily lives and survive. Companies are now offering this hosting services so you can rent out server space and get your website online.

Most hosting companies work by initially renting you out the server space. Then they allow you to renew and keep the space for longer. The price you pay really depends on what you need and specialist hosting companies will be able to accommodate certain features of your website if that’s what’s needed.

Types of Hosting

There are a number of services offered by hosting companies which let you customize the service you get. Every business has it’s own needs and your website will have it’s own needs too depending on its function and content. The main 3 different options are:

  • Shared Hosting

This is the entry level for server rental and is the cheapest option. Your website is loaded onto a server along with many others and you all use the resources of the server. This means that if one website starts to take up more of the server power then your website’s performance could significantly dip.

Shared hosting is generally used for websites that aren’t processing any transactions so it doesn’t matter too much if the performance can periodically dip. It’s the cheapest option and the most common.

  • VPS

The next step up is a virtual private server. These work in a very similar way with many different websites sharing server space. However instead of all working from the server and drawing what they need, they’re all instead given an allotted amount of disk space and resources. This means that your performance shouldn’t dip no matter how many different websites are on there.

It’s not ideal for any sensitive information as the server isn’t secure for you but it’s still a cost effective and reliable option.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Finally dedicated hosting is the most expensive option for hosting. This is where an entire server is used just for you and you have freedom to take up all the disk space. This allows you full control of the server and you can use all of the resources.

This is the most secure type of hosting and is used for any companies that handle sensitive information plus some very large websites. It’s also the most expensive and is too much for smaller businesses.

There are a lot of different server options and hosting companies to choose from and in this saturated market it can be difficult to find where to start. We’ve recently discovered one of the best hosting companies in 2017 which is definitely a good place to start.



WPEngine is the dedicated hosting company that is growing in popularity fast. It’s been identified as one of the best hosts in terms of reliability, quality and customer service with a range of features to make them more user friendly than the competition.

WPEngine is also providing a cost effective way to get your website online with a number of different hosting options. It’s suitable for large or small businesses or anyone that just wants to get their website online as easily as possible.

There are a lot of different hosting options and hosting companies to choose from but we’ve identified one of the most effective for 2017 in WPEngine.

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