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Gamers know the value of performance and speed. Setting up your rig isn’t just about looking the part, it’s about maximising the experience and performing at your best. Of course the hardware you use plays a massive part in this and can be just as important as the games you pick.

Of course having all the different parts working efficiently together let’s your PC run quickly. The right motherboard, RAM and even screen will make a big difference to have it all works. However for all the best games you need a solid internet connection.

For most of us It’s not possible to have our PC connected directly to our router. Of course we can connect wirelessly but there can be a dip in quality If this connection isn’t as efficient as possible. This is where wireless adapters come in.

wireless adapters for gaming

What is a wireless adapter?

Wireless adapters are devices that can be fitted internally or externally to your PC. They allow you to connect to the internet and are most commonly fitted directly to your motherboard or through a USB device.

Wireless adapters have become less useful in recent times because devices often have wireless connections built in. However If you don’t have this option, or if the technology isn’t up to scratch then a wireless adapter allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly.

What makes a good wireless adapter?

There are a few different factors to consider when you’re shopping for a wireless adapter. There are 2 main types; USB and PCI-E both with different features.

USB wireless adapters fit directly into your USB port but they are limited by the size of your port. A USB 3 port would be the best to consider for your wireless adapter. Using other USB devices can also impact how well your USB port is working. So if you’re using any other USB hardware you might want to consider another option.

PCI-E instead connects directly to the motherboard. This isn’t an option for all set ups but If it is it is much more highly recommended because It can give much faster speeds. The downside is that it’s a bit more tricky to fit and not as simple as a USB adapter.

When selecting your wireless adapter you should consider the different bandwidths of wifi available. There are several different wifi bands which are used an each one has a device which works better for it. Generally you’ll find that PCI-E adapters are the way to go and will work across several bandwidths.

Wireless adapters for gamers

Wireless adapters are essential for gamers who can’t plug in directly to the router. Wireless adapters allow you to increase your speed and It’s absolutely essential to get the most speed when you play.

We all know any lag or delay isn’t just frustrating, It’s absolutely infuriating. It’s the difference between winning the round and timing out so you just can’t keep going like that. With advanced games that have high quality graphics you need the best connection to avoid those errors.

So If you’re a gamer and you’re looking to get the best from your experience then It’s time to look at the best wireless adapters for gamers. This includes a hub of information about setting up your gaming rig and more information about the best wireless adapters to buy, including the hottest products.